MySQL, PHP, Apache, and UTF-8 Issues

UTF-8 is hell. I have run into problems with UTF-8 before (see Migrating MySQL to UTF-8 encoding).

I moved a site that was displaying fine from an old Apache server to a new Apache2 server and quickly identified that the Apache2 server was displaying odd characters.

The site is running a PHP application with a MySQL backend. The MySQL database is using latin1_swedish_ci character encoding. The old site was displaying correctly. Both the new and old site are using the same database.

So what was going on?

'No space left on device' Issue With vserver

I was running into an issue with a vserver where the disk space usage was at 23% but I was getting a 'No space left on device' error message. I run vserver with 12 virtual servers and none of the other servers exhibited the same behavior.

Debugging PHP Tip: Using the __FILE__ Magic Constant

Recently I came into a situation where a former employee had used a gateway marshaling concept and created multiple directories with the same file names (eg. www/admin/index.php. www/admin_v2/index.php). Debugging the code became problematic due to long filenames when using __FILE__. The long file paths were polluting the debug output and making it difficult to read.

I wrote a little function to return the file path based on a root directory specification. For instance if the script filename (aka __FILE__) is '/really/long/and/hard/to/read/path/www/index.php' the function will return 'www/index.php'.

This is useful for debugging calls (I use PEAR::Log) when using techniques such as:

$thisFile = getFile(__FILE__);
$log->debug($thisFile.': initializing page');

Determining Application Root in PHP

I have always had trouble reliably and dynamically finding what my application root was in PHP. There seemed no way to effectively determine what the application root was on the fly. I always keep my application root separate from my www root for security considerations. This knocks out using $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].

The Issue

Consider the following directory structure:

  --> app/
        --> includes/main.php        
  --> www/
        --> index.php
        --> admin/index.php
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