HTC Magic Reviewed

The HTC Magic is coming to Canada next month. I am excited by this new "smart phone" (aka mini-computer) and can't wait to get my hands on the Google Android operating system. All reviews are positive and position the HTC Magic as an open-source competitor to Apple's iPhone.

This phone is running Google Android 1.5 (nicknamed Cupcake) and boasts many improvements. For a detailed and informative review check out this HTC Magic review. For the technically inclined here are the HTC Magic Specifications.

Personally I would rather wait for some more phone choices before committing to a smart-phone and a plan. If I had to choose now I would take the HTC Magic over the HTC Dream (aka T-Mobile G1, see HTC Dream Reviewed).


  • attractive form factor
  • intuitive and easy to use
  • programs work really well together
  • faster camera than the G1
  • video support; can take videos
  • improved touch screen


  • cramped soft-keyboard due to smaller screen size (compared to iPhone)
  • no flash for the camera
  • no 3.5mm headphone jack; requires an adapter if you want to use your own headphones (note that the unit comes with headphones by default)



You can't name the HTC mini

You can't name the HTC mini computer, its just a smart phone for crying out louds.

It has RAM, storage, and a

It has RAM, storage, and a processor...

It runs a Linux OS on a small form-factor device.

All fingers point to a mini-computer.

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