HTC Dream Reviewed

Rogers is bringing the HTC Dream to Canada next month. As I mentioned in HTC Magic Reviewed I can not wait to get my hands on the Google Android operating system.

The HTC Dream is exactly the same as the T-Mobile G1. According to an article by Rob Jackson (HTC Dream vs. T-Mobile G1)T-Mobile rebranded the HTC Dream as the T-Mobile G1 to "cash in on the idea of the '1rst Google Phone' - or G1". Check out the HTC Dream specifications versus the T-Mobile G1.

The reviews of the HTC Dream include quotes such as:

  • "The G1(HTC Dream) isn’t going to blow anyone’s mind right out of the gate." - Engadet
  • "Unfortunately the Dream can't decide whether it's a touchscreen device or not." - The Sydney Morning Herald
  • "Better Wait for HTC Magic, Forget HTC Dream" - wassup

Enough said. The HTC Magic is a better choice.



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