Generate Random Numbers with Bash Scripting

To generate random numbers with bash use the $RANDOM internal Bash function. Note that $RANDOM should not be used to generate an encryption key. $RANDOM is generated by using your current process ID (PID) and the current time/date as defined by the number of seconds elapsed since 1970. The range of returned values is 0 to 32767.

This will return a number between 1 and 100:

NUMBER=$[ ( $RANDOM % 100 )  + 1 ]

Here is a function to dynamically imitate a die:

# Simple script to generate a random number
# written by Dallas Vogels

function roll_die() {

  # capture parameter
  declare -i DIE_SIDES=$1

  # check for die sides
  if [ ! $DIE_SIDES -gt 0 ]; then
    # default to 6
  # echo to screen
  echo $[ ( $RANDOM % $DIE_SIDES )  + 1 ]


roll_die 10  # returns 1 to 10
roll_die 2   # returns 1 or 2


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stop the UUOC; `od' takes a

stop the UUOC; `od' takes a file as input, so give it the name of the file instead of piping output from `cat' to `od.'

od -N1 -An -i /dev/urandom


echo $((`cat /dev/urandom|od -N1 -An -i` % $max)) gives figure from 0 to $max

Random number shell generator

I think the better way is to use /dev/urandom for this. Read random bits from the file. You can obtain large range. $RANDOM has only 0-32767. E.g. cat /dev/urandom|od -N4 -An -i
See for details.

auto num generation

Hie. i am having a serious problem and need a solution soon. How do i auto generate a number in linux scripting?

The script, as shown above,

The script, as shown above, will generate a random number...

thanks alot!

thanks alot!

Script to return a random number between two bounds:

Just to extend your first script a little:

newrand=$[ ( $RANDOM % ( $[ $highest - $lowest ] + 1 ) ) + $lowest ]

Nice one. Thanks!

Nice one. Thanks!

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