Stop Online Spying

The Canadian government is trying to ram through an anti-Internet set of electronic surveillance laws that will invade privacy and cost citizens money. The plan is to force every phone and Internet provider to surrender customer's personal information to "authorities" without a warrant.
This bizarre legislation will create Internet surveillance that is:
  • Warrantless: A range of "authorities" will have the ability to invade the private lives of law-abiding Canadians and their families using wired Internet and mobile devices, without a warrant or any justification.
  • Invasive and Dangerous: The laws leave Candian's personal and financial information less secure and more susceptible to cybercrime.
  • Costly: Internet services providers may be forced to install millions of dollars worth of spying technology and the cost will be passed down to Canadians.
If enough of us speak out now the Canadian government will have no choice but to stop this mandatory online spying scheme. Sign the petition now, and forward it to everyone you know

Update Intel video driver to latest version for Ubuntu

I updated my Intel video drivers on my Ubuntu 11.04 install and noticed a 2x improvement in framerate and performance. The hardware is:

Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 09) (prog-if 00 [VGA controller])

Recursively add files to subversion (SVN) from command line

To recursively add files to subversion (SVN) control from the command line use:

Edit the hosts file in Windows Vista and Windows 7

For the rare occasions I need to develop in Windows my setup requires that I edit the hosts file.  The hosts file is a system file and requires administrative permission to update.  To make changes to the hosts file:

Factory Reset your Google Android Nexus One

There are times where you may want to do a factory reset to wipe your Nexus One Android device back to it's original state.  Perhaps a questionable app was installed or the system has become unstable and the need to implement a factory reset is required:

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